King Street Pilot Data Seemingly Contradicts Complaints From Business Owners

Toronto officials say data from debit- and credit-card machines show total consumer spending inside the city’s King streetcar-priority zone is in line with the rest of the city – even though some King Street restaurateurs complain the pilot project is killing their businesses.



Business owners in the area have teamed up to protest the pilot project, saying it drives their customers away. Data analysis by the city tries to prove these claims unfounded, considering seasonal factors and a particularly cold January, but does this take business demographics into consideration? Some businesses rely heavily on available street parking and don’t see as much business from pedestrian traffic, while others strive under the new pilot.

In either case, streetcar traffic on King Street has undeniably improved, with 25 percent more riders during the morning rush, 27 percent more in the evening, and 16 percent more riders overall.

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