Case Study: Tanja Nonkovic-Toljusic

Client Profile

Tanja and her business partner approached Stephanie to search for and find a location for her bakery concept in the downtown area. Stephanie found a space and drafted the Offer to Lease, but it quickly became clear the landlord was going to be difficult to work with and Tanja was not going to be able to fulfil her objectives in this location. The lease did not progress.

The first experience turned the young entrepreneurs off the bakery idea and, after conducting some research into up-and-coming franchises at that time, and discovering that frozen yogurt offerings were scarce in the city, Tanja and her business partner, with Stephanie’s encouragement, decided to pursue a frozen yogurt franchise.

Tanja, her business partner and Stephanie took off to Edmonton to check out the five different frozen yogurt franchises in the city in order to select which one was the best fit for them and they decided on Tutti Frutti.

Tanja and her partners secured franchise rights for the entire city and, as of December 2018, they had five profitable locations operating. Stephanie negotiated the commercial terms of the deals, but also gave important direction with building and occupancy permit applications, zoning by-laws, construction processes and code compliance.

Tanja and Stephanie had built a relationship based on mutual respect and trust and have always been able to meet and surpass all the challenges they faced; of which there have been many over the years.