Case Study: Sam and Fernando

Client Profile

Sam and Fernando started working with Stephanie soon after they decided to open their own business. Sam had just become an accredited Montessori executive director/teacher and it was their dream to open their own Montessori school.

Stephanie showed them spaces all over the city and ultimately, they decided on a 3,000 sq. ft. space in the city’s east end. The contract was a difficult one to negotiate but Stephanie stood her ground with the landlord and a lease was signed by both parties.

The space was formerly a police station so the renovations to make it into a lovely, code-compliant school were extensive. Stephanie guided Sam and Fernando through the application processes and helped them navigate through the city’s red tape.

A further challenge was that there was not an adequate outdoor space for the children, as required by the provincial and municipal laws and codes. There was however, a large parking lot with extra spaces in the rear of the building. Stephanie spoke to the landlord and convinced them to allow Sam and Fernando to convert two of the spaces into green space by backfilling the spots with top soil and sod turf. Today it is a beautiful park-like play area for the children.

Bambini Montessori School just celebrated their seven year anniversary and are currently looking to open a second school in the city.

Sam and Fernando are successful because they hired professionals to help through the new business development process; not the least of which was hiring a commercial real estate professional.