Real Estate Asset Protection

  Ownership of real estate has many benefits from an investment and tax standpoint. There is downside risk, however, since the value of real estate holdings may be significant and can be used to cover damages awarded in a lawsuit. Therefore, it’s important to consider asset protection … [Read more...]

5 reasons to love the Bloor W bike lane project

On Wednesday, May 4th, City Council voted to install a pilot bike lane on Bloor St W, between Shaw St. and Avenue Rd.  The lanes have now been in place for a couple of months.   The pilot will be monitored for 1 year. Top 5 reasons to build bike lanes on Bloor St even if you don't ride a bike: … [Read more...]

Cloud based Property Management solutions for do-it-yourself owners.

  Why Use Property Management cloud based solutions? As a property owner, you know the name of the game is organization. You have to manage lease applications, rent payments, maintenance requests and listings of vacancies, among other things. Whether you’re using a pen-and-paper manual … [Read more...]

How are Realty Taxes calculated fo mixed-use buildings in Toronto?

This update is from the City of Toronto Website.   2016 Property Tax Rates Your final 2016 property taxes consist of a City levy, education levy and transit expansion levy. Residential Properties The City levy has been calculated by multiplying your property's 2016 phased-in … [Read more...]

Ontario Gets Failing Grade for Commercial Property Taxes

Nov 24, 2015 The Globe and Mail reports that the C.D. Howe Institute has handed out report cards on Canada’s business property taxes – and Ontario gets a failing grade. The Toronto-based think tank’s third annual business-tax-burden report gave Canada’s biggest province “Fs” for both the … [Read more...]

Artscape – Making Housing More Affordable for Artists on Queen W.

Sept. 24, 2015 One of the ugly truths about gentrification is that those that start the process of urban renewal are eventually displaced as the neighbourhood becomes pricier.  This is certainly the case for the artists who were located in the live/work loft buildings in the area known as the Queen … [Read more...]

Bathurst Street – Built Form and Land Use Study.

June 10, 2014 The City has been working with stakeholders to come up with a plan to amend the zoning on Bathurst Street to allow for, in some cases, higher density and mixed uses.  The street has been divided up in to 8 different areas that the city feels have unique characteristics.  Different … [Read more...]

OREA Reports Toronto Land Transfer Tax has a Huge Negative Economic Impact.

June 10, 2014 New research released by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) says the city's Municipal Land Transfer Tax is causing a 'massive loss of economic activity in the City of Toronto and a corresponding loss of thousands of jobs." The report conducted by Altus Group Economic … [Read more...]

Alexandra Park Revitalization Project has Started

May 22, 2014 The first phase of the revitalization of Alexandra Park has begun!  There are few opportunities left in downtown Toronto where redevelopment can actually change the streetscape of the city.  The revitalization of Alexandra Park promises to be one of the most profound - if development … [Read more...]

Cyclists and Bike Lanes Have a Positive Impact on Shopping.

May 20, 2014 It turns out that cyclists and Bike Lanes are GOOD for business.  The Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank together with the School of the Environment at the University of Toronto completed a study in November 2013 on the economic impact of cyclists and bike lanes on local retailers and … [Read more...]